About Our Home In Antigua

Here's a little taster of why we have loved this place so much...



Internal Square Feet


Shower Rooms




Car Parking


Property Details

Outside Features

Our house has the following exterior features
  • Tiled Decking : 150 Sq Ft
  • Timber Deck : 280 Sq Ft
  • 1st Floor Deck: 80 Sq Ft
  • Finger Pier/Mooring: 32Ft
  • Car Parking : 1
  • Carport/Veranda : 1
  • Manicured Gardens
  • Weber BBQ
  • Extendable Sun/Rain Blind
  • Door Storm Shutters : 2
  • Window Storm Shutters : 3
  • Wooden Front Door
  • Front Tap : 1
  • Rear Tap : 1

Internal Features

Some of the included interior feautures are:
  • Water Strg : 5000/ltr
  • Mains Water : 1
  • Air Con Units : 3
  • Bedrooms : 2
  • TV  : 1
  • External Plug: 2
  • Upstairs Bathroom : 2
  • Downstairs Toilet : 1
  • Kitchen Cooker: 1
  • Fridge Freezer:1
  • Seperate Utility Room
  • Wifi connection

A Video Walk-Through Of The Villa

Meet The Owners Sylvia & Terry O'Donoghue

Owners for 17 Years

Hi, We are Sylvia and Terry from the UK. Thank you for expressing an interest in our lovely second home in the Caribbean.

We originally bought the villa when the entire community changed from 1 private owner to a gated community with residents. Over the course of 17 years we have learnt so much about this beautiful Island and would love to help you settle in 'show you the ropes'. If you're serious about the villa we will be happy to invite you to be our guests at dinner one evening, if we are on the Island, so you can really get to know the place.

During our time owning the villa we have updated it and modernised it but haven't gone overboard adding unnecessary features that will never get used. This means the villa is very reasonably priced, can happily be lived in with no modifications or can be a starting point for you to make your own modifications without paying for unnecessary additions you never would have used.

How you spend your time here is completely up to you but after many different schedules we settled on 3 to 4 months from November to March which means we missed the UK bad weather all together. Funny that when we first bought we thought we could only do 3 weeks at a time. The place kind of grows on you 🙂


    Cardiff, Wales, UK

    Happy to talk on the phone or Zoom but please email us first.
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Questions You May Have

Do you have further questions? We have tried to answer the things that were important to us when we decided to invest here. Hopefully our experience can help you too

Is Your Car Included?

You are more than welcome to take over the ownership of our car (buy) to to make your settling in even easier. It wouldn’t be that much on top of the price of the villa and we can walk you through everything you need to do to become the legal owner in Antigua.

Can We Moor A Boat?

Absolutely. Untill recently we had our own 28ft boat moored on the pier directly attached to the decking outside. We had a full boat lift that went with the boat. If you’re planning on buying a boat we can help you with our recommendations of who you can trust to 1) buy from and 2) do any work such as fitting a boat lift.

When Do You Get Sun?

We love the orientation of the villa because the back patio of the villa (and bedroom) where we eat breakfast is in shade till late morning and then the decking is in sunshine in the afternoon. The orientation can make or break your enjoyment of the property and it’ll take some time to really get to grips with that. Some villas opposite us have to close their bedroom storm shutters at night as blinds don’t stop the sun streaming in at around 6AM.

Was all work done professionally?

There was a little bit of a gold rush when the development was sold to private individuals and all sort of ‘builders’ popped up. Many had no experience at all. Some of the work you can see around Jolly harbour is quite unsafe or won’t last that long. Any work on our villa was overseen by Terry who ran a large building company in the UK so is top notch work. We only did things that would add to how we enjoyed the property and never did anything to impair the structural soundness of the villa as you may see in other villas.

Do You Use Air Conditioning?

While all the A/C units are in perfect working order and serviced regularly, we haven’t really used them since we bought the place. If you are like us you will spend 80% + of your time outside. That includes the mornings and evenings where we always eat outside. Also, because we have kept the original design features of the covered decking we don’t get sun streaming into the villa like other heavily modified villas which keeps the villa lovely and cool.

Are there hidden costs to the villas in general?

Get to know Jolly harbour a little and you will know that everything is pretty straight forward. We have seen people have to pay more in the long run when they buy a villa mainly due to bad modifications or maintenance. An example is decking. We have seen some villas have to change their decking after 2 to 3 years due to bad construction and maintenance (not an issue with ours). Things like this easily can add $15,000 to $30,000 to your costs if it happens to you so make sure you do your due diligence.

It’s Easy To Contact Us

The best way to find out more about the villa is to contact us and we will be able to help with viewings and questions. If you'd like to ask us general questions about the villa or jolly harbour then please use the contact form. We may not get back to you immediately as we may be down the beach :-). We'll reply by email and maybe jump on skype if needed.


    228E Jolly Harbour, Antigua


    Use the contact form or email first please. We can then jump on zoom or a call.



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